Jan 16, 2019

Taron Egerton Naked

Taron Egerton naked in series "The Smoke"

Sexiest British Actors NUDE!  

Pip pip and Bob’s your uncle! We’re rounding up the most beautiful Brit blokes who’ve bared their bollocks.

Ravishing Richard Madden had his body unguarded during his Golden Globe-winning performance in Bodyguard.

Sexiest man alive Idris Elba went ass out while putting his big D in Laura Linney’s Big C.

Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, expelliarmus-ed the hell out of his shorts to get banged in Kill Your Darlings.

Next, let’s talk about a toy boy, Nicholas Hoult, who stripped down for daddy Colin Firth after they went skinny dipping, in A Single Man.

Here’s a tip: Taron Egerton’s! The man who would be Elton John put on a tip to tail smokeshow in The Smoke. Keep calm and carry on… wanking!
You can download the hot naked scenes HERE

Jan 12, 2019

Jan 5, 2019

Niklas Peters

Niklas Peters going frontal in "The Passenger"
Gay themed movie The Passenger (2013) follows Nick (Niklas Peters), a dutiful fellow who is traversing Berlin in search of a condo for his father. Along the way, he meets Phillip (Urs Stämpfli), a young photographer who he quickly befriends and shacks up with. It is through his newly formed relationship with Philip that he meets Lilli (Lynn Femme), an aspiring actress, who joins his roommate and gets lost in their own world of oddness while forgoing reality. Both Philip and Lilli are drawn to Nick and his charming ways, and before it’s too late they find themselves manipulated by the one they admire.

Niklas Peters is the highlight of the film. Not only does he show his butt during a same-sex hook up in the woods, he shows off his uncut hog while taking a shower. Looks like he’d make for the perfect roommate.

Telling a gay story with characters that are “not gay” is an interesting experiment.

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