Nov 19, 2023

Top Ten Celebrity Bears

Our collective understanding of the term “bear” varies - to some people, a bear is an animal, and to other people, a bear is an animal. A hot, hairy, beefy, and rugged animal. The gay term “bear” originated in the 1970s, and was introduced to the masses with its first use in print: The Advocate article "Who's Who at the Zoo?" penned by George Mazzei in 1979.

But that was then, and this is wow. This fall, we’re celebrating the rich history and undeniable sex appeal of bears by checking out beary hot celebs in various states of undress. Keep scrolling to see Nick Offerman, David Harbour, Christopher Meloni, and more gorgeous specimens of bearhood.


#10: Brad Roberge in Interior. Leather Bar

#9: Jack Black in The D Train

#8: Christopher Meloni in Pose

#7: Nick Offerman in Somebody Up There Likes Me

#6: Kristian Nairn in Game of Thrones

#5: Guillermo Díaz in Scandal

#4: David Harbour in Stranger Things

#3: Winston Duke in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

#2: Daniel Franzese in Looking

#1: François Sagat in Man at Bath