Sep 29, 2018

Hottest Latin Celebs Nude - Mr Man Minute!

It’s Latin Heritage Month, and things are heating up south of our border thanks to these Latin lovers! Diego Luna jerks off and gets gay with Gael García Bernal in Y Tu Mamá También, Tyler Posey gets jizzy with it on Sideswiped, Rodrigo Santoro strips down for Westworld, Bobby Cannavale goes epically full frontal on Boardwalk Empire, and finally, Ryan Guzman shows off his squeezable ass in The Boy Next Door!

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Sep 13, 2018

Tom Hardy Nude

Full Frontal in "Bronson"

We love Daddies and one of our favorite (or should we say favourite) British Daddies is celebrating one this Saturday. The devilishly sexy and incredibly naked Tom Hardy turns 41 on Saturday. Tom is a member of the MrMan Hall of Fame of Nudity with 10 naked roles under his belt. Tom has been acting steadily since his roles in blockbusters like Black Hawk Down and Band of Brothers. In the movie Colditz he gave us a good, hard look at his ass and penis. We highly recommend watching to get a look at Tom's cut cum gutters. For more of Tom check out the Naked A-Listers playlist. We also think you should celebrate Tom by watching him in Bronson for more ass and cock action! Fancy seeing some more Uncut Man Meat

Sep 2, 2018

Charlie Hunnam Naked

Charlie Hunnam rear in "Sons of Anarchy"

Charlie Hunnam is the kind of man we thought only existed in Greek mythology. If you've seen him on the biker drama Sons of Anarchy or the UK version of Queer as Folk, you know why. 

With the release of Papillon in theaters last weekend, we have become even more obsessed with the handsome Brit. Hunky Hunnam stars in the Steve McQueen remake of two men attempting to escape their jungle prison – talk about a sexy premise. 

We first became addicted to Charlie when we saw his bare ass get licked in Queer as Folk. Let's give his perfect buns some praise. 

He is best known for starring in Sons of Anarchy in which he showed off his backside so much that we feel like we've seen it in person. See Charlie and other bearded hotties on the Bearded Men Playlist.

Go see Papillon or, better yet, go watch more of Charlie Hunnam's scenes on Mr.Man. He has starred in FOUR naked roles and trust us, it's hard to pick a favorite! 

Sep 1, 2018


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