Mar 27, 2019

Jai Courtney Naked

Jai Courtney going frontal in "The Exception"


We love the men Down Under because we want to go down on them. In the Boys Down Under playlist we headed to the outback to bring you the hottest Australian actors nude. Gidday, fellas, let's see some buns and boomer-wangs! 
Daddies always go first so we’ll start with the jacked Hugh Jackman in X-Men and take a side of Eric Bana in anything he’s starred in.
Then we’ll move on to The Hemsworths: Luke, Liam, and Chris we want all three of them…at the same time. We loved Chris Hemsworth in Rush and Luke AND Liam in Satisfaction where Liam satisfied our craving for beefy butt.
Jai Courtney went epically fullfrontal in The Exception and who could forget the stunning Brenton Thwaites in Son of a Gun, or Ryan Kwanten in True Blood. No Aussie Nude Celeb list would be complete without the late, great Heath Ledger in I’m Not There where we got to see him in all his nakedglory.

We love the bareback. We mean Outback!

Mar 14, 2019

Big-Dicked Irish Actors

Nude Irish Actors To Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day!

You’ll go gay-lick for the hottest Irish actors who’ve gone nude, just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day!

Here’s a close-held secret, Michael Fassbender has a huge cock, and you can see it in Shame!

There is nothing Jaime Dornan does that we do not love.  We hope and pray that he goes 50 Shades of Gay

As the jingle goes, Irish I could see Jonathan Rhys-Meyers’ weiner, in Tangled, that is what I’d truly like to see.

Lesser known but fully grown Martin “McCoke can dick” McCann stripped down in The Survivalist.

And finally, Irish zaddy Colin Farrell soaked his meat and potato in Triage. Happy Taint Patrick’s Day!

Our bonus Irish bloke is the handsome and ripped Cillian Murphy from Peaky Blinders.  Erin go blow!

Mar 9, 2019

Joseph Mawle Nude

Joseph Mawle naked in hot naked wrestling scene with Rory Kinnear in "Women in Love(2011)"

Sexiest Wrestling Scenes In History!

If you haven’t noticed, wrestling is making a major comeback, but we’ve always appreciated its sexier side! Jump in the ring to see Alan Bates and Oliver Reed in the original Women in LoveJoseph Mawle and Rory Kinnear in the equally frontally-focused remake, Cameron Monaghan and his gay luvas in ShamelessJulian SandsRupert Graves, and Simon Callow in A Room with a View, and of course, the gayest of them all, K.J. Apa and Jordan Calloway in Riverdale!