Jul 27, 2019

Connor Swindells Naked

Connor Swindells in Sex Education

We would have loved if the raunchy teen comedy series Sex Education featured a real fat uncut member for this scene, but even a prosthetic can’t distract from Connor’s ripe fuzzy peach as seen in front of a cafeteria full of onlookers!

This scene is in the 10th position in our 

TopTen Most Boner-Inducing Nude Scenes Of 2019

WARNING: Only view this list if you are in a boner-safe environment! 2019 has already been one of the hottest years for television and movie nudity ever, and in celebration of all the D&A (dick and ass, natch!) we’re rounding up the definitive list of the top ten most boner-inducing nude scenes of 2019… so far

Jul 20, 2019

Sorry Angel - Sexy, Gay French Film

Sorry Angel is our new favorite foreign film. It’s a touching and very sexy French romance with lots of hot gay sex. Two men - a writer and a student - fall in love and make the most of their summer together. However, there is sickness and rejection in their future as the summer rushes to an end…you know how melancholy the French can be.

The sexy writer is played by Pierre Deladonchamps who has never been shy about showing his cock. His lover is played by Vincent Lacoste who is a fresh-faced fox that looks great in the sack. We love watching these guys screw each other, showing their asses in sweet sex scenes

We sadly don't see their French uncut cocks, but we do see Quentin Thébault’s dick when he pulls on his pants post-sex. We see more French buns on Luca Malinowski and Tibo Drouet and get to know Clément Métayer and Thomas Gonzales in their underwear. We're not sorry about seeing any of these guys nude, only that we didn't get to see more. Ces’t La Vie.


 Tibo Drouet

Jul 13, 2019