Mar 29, 2020

Tobias Santelmann Nude

Tobias Santelmann frontal and hardon in "Exit"

You'll want to set up camp when these hard-cocked hotties pitch a tent! Get ready to get excited when you check out these scenes of hunky guys brandishing a boner!!!

Mar 27, 2020

Top Five Most Hung Celebs in Hollywood

Top Five Most Hung Celebs In Hollywood

These stars are pretty big… if ya know what I mean. And if you don’t… well… I’m talking about dicks. 

5 - At number five, it’s Big Ben Affleck briefly flashing his sizable schlong. But by the time you see it, it’s Gone, Girl. 

4  - Up next, Omar Epps could reach your depths, as you can see when he does hard time in Conviction! 

3 - Coming in at number three, who could ever forget Jason Segel’s full frontal in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This is how I met your member.

2 - Have you ever had a suspicion that Liam Neeson had a huge piece? Well you’re right bitch. Check it out in Under Suspicion.

1 - It would be a flat out Shame if we didn’t mention the biggest penis in Hollwood! That belongs to Michael Fassbender, who’s packing a real ass-bender! 

Mar 22, 2020

Mr. Man Minute_Explicit gay French movie Sauvage

7 Times Sauvage / Wild Gave Us Confused Boners 
Despite uber explicit 2019 gay French movie Sauvage / Wild’s overwhelmingly positive critical reception, the insane nudity and gay sex prompted a walkout at Cannes Film Festival. If you can’t handle the anal, get out of the kitchen! Sauvage / Wild takes an unflinching look at the sordid life of a male prostitute (played by the gorgina Félix Maritaud) desperate for love. The content? Dark yet intentionally erotic. Our boners? Confused yet present. These are the top 7 scenes from Sauvage / Wild guaranteed to give you an equally confused boner! 
1) When Félix Maritaud put drugs in his hard cock

2) When he got banged from behind in a threesome by Nicolas Chalumeau.

3) When Félix’s doctor fondled him before jacking him off. (See the full
masturbation scene)

4) When some guys introduced Félix to a
butt plug the size of a toaster.

5) When Félix aggressively banged a daddy from behind. (Head here for their
explicit sex scene)

6) When Nicolas Dibla got his
big penis sucked.

7) When Félix just in general looked troubled but oh so sexy!

Mar 15, 2020

Bobby Cannavale Nude

Bobby Cannavale going frontal and rear in series Boardwalk Empire (Ep. Blue Bell Boy)

Mar 14, 2020

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Mar 8, 2020

Matt Bomer Naked

Matt Bomer Naked in bed scene with Mark Ruffalo in "The Normal Heart"

Matt Bomer is one of the sexiest gay actors in Hollywood, and isn’t afraid to show off his insane body and perfect tight ass! From Magic Mike to American Horror Story, Bomer is sure to give you a boner!