Mar 27, 2020

Top Five Most Hung Celebs in Hollywood

Top Five Most Hung Celebs In Hollywood

These stars are pretty big… if ya know what I mean. And if you don’t… well… I’m talking about dicks. 

5 - At number five, it’s Big Ben Affleck briefly flashing his sizable schlong. But by the time you see it, it’s Gone, Girl. 

4  - Up next, Omar Epps could reach your depths, as you can see when he does hard time in Conviction! 

3 - Coming in at number three, who could ever forget Jason Segel’s full frontal in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This is how I met your member.

2 - Have you ever had a suspicion that Liam Neeson had a huge piece? Well you’re right bitch. Check it out in Under Suspicion.

1 - It would be a flat out Shame if we didn’t mention the biggest penis in Hollwood! That belongs to Michael Fassbender, who’s packing a real ass-bender!