Mar 31, 2021

The Best Dicks of 2020

We’re counting down the Best Dicks of 2020, starting with Gregório Duvivier in Invisible Life. It turns out that his dong was quite visible 26 minutes in when he showed it off while fully fluffed. If you’re a foreskin lover this one’s for you!

Next it’s the stacked Corey Knight in We Are Who We Are. He strips down in the bedroom to prove that he are hung. Corey? Well, he’ll make you feel whorey. And that’s a promise. 

One of the surprise hung cocks of the year belongs to Jonathan Barnwell in Industry. He’s Barnwell hung when he saunters into the kitchen with his thigh-slapper on full display. Check out the full scene here!

Our runner up cock is Tom Mercier in Synonyms. The gorgeous Israeli hunk made his nude debut in epic fashion - going very frontal in multiple scenes, and even masturbating in the shower! What’s the synonym for… huge throbbing cock??

Finally, our number one penis of 2020 is Juan Carlos Maldonado in The Prince! And what separates him from the pack, you ask? He’s the crown prince of slime - unloading his huge erect cock in multiple masturbation scenes. Juan always leaves us Juan-ting more!


Mar 30, 2021

Todd Lasance Nude

Todd Lasance (Caesar) teases with her big ass to Christian Antidormi (Tiberius)in series "SPARTACUS: War of the Damned"
...and we know how it ends

Mar 21, 2021

Sexy Gay German Film

LABEL ME: Gay Men from Different Worlds

Label Me is a German gay drama that focuses on politics, dominance and intimacy and also happens to contain loads of nudity. It’s about two men who are from very different worlds and their power struggle and numerous differences start to come into focus when the two men also develop feelings for each other. 


Renato Schuch plays Waseem, A Syrian immigrant and Nikolaus Brenda plays Lars, a wealthy German. Both men, obviously, get super nude because we see their hot sex scenes.

Renato shows his cock and balls while Nikolaus also shows his erection when he sits naked on the couch and waits for Renato to change out of his pants and get to work. We love checking out Renato's pubes and penis as he stands up and takes his clothes off for couch sex. He later puts on a sexy jockstrap that shows his bulge and buns. We can label both of these guys: sexy. 

Mar 10, 2021

American Gods


We’re obsessed with the Starz series American Gods, but we cannot tell a lie. Our obsession is as much about the plot as it is about the THOT. American Gods features some of the most gorgeous (if not the most gorgeous?) men on television, and what we’re really loving is how these uninhibited actors aren’t afraid to show off their beautiful bodies on camera. Here’s a rundown of some of the hottest MOANments from American Gods so far!

1- In the second season, series star Ricky Whittle proved that his butt is anything but whittle.

2- And in the most recent season, Ricky gets naked in the snow. Heaven must be missing a snow angel!
3- Of course, American Gods’ most iconic nude scene needs no introduction. Mousa Kraish drops his towel to reveal one of the biggest CGI cocks in Hollywood history. See every inch here.
4- And then goes to town on Omid Abtahi’s holes with his overstuffed salami, even filling up Omid with his piping hot fire jizz after he ejaculates. 
5- Get you a man who fills you up so good, fire jizz comes out of your eyes.
6- Even comedian Dane Cook gets in on the ASStion.
7- (Though, for a better look at his thicc ass, you can check out My Best Friend’s Girl)
8- Finally, can we get one more look at what Ricky Whittle is working with? Gawddamn!