Apr 20, 2021

I Want Your Love_ Hot EXPLICIT Short Film

I Want Your Love is a 2010 short artistic movie that celebrates all the best aspects of gay lovemaking. Hunky stars Jesse Metzger and Brenden Gregory both let it all hang out (literally) to bring us this beautiful and passionate depiction of sensuality. We’re so in lust with all of the hardcore action in I Want Your Love, that over a decade after its release, it still leaves us gagging! Check out some of the GUYlights from this NSFW movie below!
 1- Jesse Metzger gets his excited member sucked off by the eager Brenden Gregory.
2- The two men play-wrestle before taking things to the next level.
3- That level? Rimming. Brenden gets his tight, hairy hole eaten out by Jesse.
4- Then Brenden plays with his big hard penis as he gets ready for the main course.
5- He takes Jesse’s cock in his ass and loves every second of it! See the full action here.

6- Until finally Jesse f*cks the cum out of Brenden. He releases his big hot load all over his hairy belly. Attention world: This is art!

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