May 23, 2021

Disco and Gay Orgies - HALSTON

Halston is producer Ryan Murphy's latest ode to fashion's glamorous past. It's a five-part miniseries following the rise and fall of the iconic fashion designer Halston. 

Plus, there’s tons of gay action, these boys but the ass in fASSion!

Ewan McGregor takes on the role of Halston with the confidence and abandons that portraying such a flamboyant character demands. Ewan McGregor is not only one of the sexiest actors he's also one of the nudest! He's stripped down for sixteen (yes, sixteen!) nude roles and counting...
In Halston, we get to see some of Ewan McGregor's hottest gay action to date! Sure we loved him in I Love You Phillip Morris, but here, he has a super realistic gay sex scene with 6’4 tall hottie Sullivan Jones. And speaking of Sullivan - we get to see his sweet ass in this hot gay scene!


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