Jul 12, 2021

Tom Mercier Nude

 Tom Mercier frontal and rear in "Synonymes"

There's something about a hot man with a big manly au naturel bush that our readers just can't get enough of, and we certainly see why. But let's stop beating around their bushes. For major pubes and a major cock you need to see Tom Mercier in Synonyms. This Israeli hottie is famous for his large penis, but ya'll sleeping on the pubes!
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Jul 8, 2021

Size Matters - The Biggest Dicks In Hollywood!

 The Biggest And Smallest Penises In Hollywood!

The folks over at Mr. Man put in the HARD work to determine which celebrities have the biggest and smallest penises in Hollywood. Only A-listers were considered, and the findings have been verified by their team of highly specialized guy-ientists. Those are guy scientists for you non-academics! See the top three biggest penises, as well as the top three smallest penises, in the biz we call SHOW below! To peep the full list of the 20 biggest and smallest celebrity cocks, head here.
Ben Affleck has the biggest penis in Hollywood, and you can see his door knocker in action in this steamy Gone Girl shower scene.
 Let’s get a closer look up in hur…
The second biggest Hollywood cock belongs to Michael Fassbender! His massive cock flops side to side as he sashays towards the camera in Shame.
And the third biggest celeb cock belongs to Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. See his mouthwatering member during his multiple gratuitous nude scenes on Watchmen
Now it’s on to some fun-sized schlongs. Terrence Howard has the smallest penis in Hollywood. His petite package makes a major appearance during a group shower scene in Get Rich Or Die Tryin’! Maybe in Terryology (Howard’s unproven math theory) three inches equals a foot!
Leonardo DiCaprio is the proud owner of the second smallest Hollywood cock. Back when he was a mere twink, Leo let it all hang out in Total Eclipse
One more time for the cheap seats...

And if you’re a fan of pint-sized packages, you’ll definitely want to see what Jude Law is packing. He has the third smallest A-list cock, and you can check it out in The Talented Mr. Ripley when he takes a bath next to Matt Damon. Hey fellas, don’t sweat the small stuff! We have about 1200 more celebrity cocks
right here!