Aug 12, 2021


These actors have BALLS - and, no, we are not just talking about how brave and bold these guys are. We mean that these actors in this top ten list right here and right now have humungous balls. I'm talkin' big fat meaty sacks!

These actors have boldly shown off their balls and we are all better for it. Check out this top ten list featuring all kinds of hot dudes that have let their enormous balls get some air and some camera time. If you like this list we have PLENTY more nutsacks right here! You’re welcome ;)

10 - Antonio Banderas in False Eyelash

9 - Morgan Spector in Split

8 - John Clark in Any Given Sunday

7 - Ewen Bremner in Trainspotting

6 - Marc Rodriguez in Diet of Sex

5 - Juan Manuel Martino in We are Thr3e

 4 - Max Parodi in Private

3 - Zach McGowan in Shameless

2 - Gianfranco Longhi in Equation to an Unknown

1 - Artem Shcherbakov in Sun in My Mouth

 NAKED celebrities show it ALL HERE!!!

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