Aug 12, 2021


These actors have BALLS - and, no, we are not just talking about how brave and bold these guys are. We mean that these actors in this top ten list right here and right now have humungous balls. I'm talkin' big fat meaty sacks!

These actors have boldly shown off their balls and we are all better for it. Check out this top ten list featuring all kinds of hot dudes that have let their enormous balls get some air and some camera time. If you like this list we have PLENTY more nutsacks right here! You’re welcome ;)

10 - Antonio Banderas in False Eyelash

9 - Morgan Spector in Split

8 - John Clark in Any Given Sunday

7 - Ewen Bremner in Trainspotting

6 - Marc Rodriguez in Diet of Sex

5 - Juan Manuel Martino in We are Thr3e

 4 - Max Parodi in Private

3 - Zach McGowan in Shameless

2 - Gianfranco Longhi in Equation to an Unknown

1 - Artem Shcherbakov in Sun in My Mouth

 NAKED celebrities show it ALL HERE!!!

Miguel Angel Silvestre Naked

Miguel Angel Silvestre Naked in "Sky Rojo"


The thirty-nine-year-old Spanish actor Miguel Ángel Silvestre is about as sexy as they come! And wow, is this man hung like a horse. What’s crazy is that you probably don’t even know about his best nude scenes. Miguel Ángel Silvestre became a hit on the Gay Internet thanks to his starring role in the beloved Netflix series Sense8. He played one half of an unbelievable hot gay couple - opposite absolute stud Alfonso Herrera - and the two were completely uninhibited in their sex scenes. Miguel slow-motion thrusted his cock inside Alfonso in a men’s bathroom stall…

The two locked lips for a beach makeout that can only be described as iconic…

And SO much more!

But did you know that years before the release of Sense8, Miguel Ángel Silvestre stripped nude in 2006’s The Distance? He was only a twenty-four-year-old young buck when he exposed his long and thick penis in the locker room shower. Turns out that Miguel didn’t need to stuff for his bulge scenes in Sense8.

If you want to see more of this Latin stud, check out his latest show Sky Rojo OR check out all is nude scenes (we know that’s all you want to see) right here!

 NAKED celebrities show it ALL HERE!!!

Aug 5, 2021

Animal Kingdom Gay Sex


Did you know that over its five seasons, the TNT series Animal Kingdom has delivered the most explicit gay scenes seen on basic cable? It’s true! Jake Weary is a blonde, scruffy surfer dude who is a part of a California crime family. His character also happens to be gay, and we get to see him hang ten (inches!) with other Cali bros! But these aren’t your daddy’s gay sex scenes. Animal Kingdom has brought some of the most creatively kinky and sexual gay sex scenes to the small screen that we’ve ever seen. No, really. We’re talking ass to mouth. We’re talking Jake chucking a cum-filled condom across the room. And we’re talking the current season’s unbelievable gay spit roasting scene. Keep reading to see the best of what Jake Weary and his many many hot partners have to offer on Animal Kingdom! Rawr. 
Jake Weary and a married man (Blake Cooper Griffin) spit roast the man’s husband (Jeremy Glazer). Weary then commands Griffin to watch instead of participate, and Jake continues to plug up Glazer’s ass while staring down his hubby. Cuck me!
He tops Andy Favreau in the standing position from behind, before directing Andy to finish him off by sucking his cock. This is ass-to-mouth on basic cable. This is awesome.

Jake and Damon Erik Williams have intense sex on the floor, filled with plenty of sweat and panting.
And Jake bangs his long-term boyfriend Spencer Treat Clark from behind, before casually chucking his cum-filled condom across the room. This is no longer TV. It’s art.