Sep 2, 2021

Best Scenes of 2021-Explicit Midyear List!

 2021 has already been one of the best years for male nudity and we still got plenty of time to go.

 We've rounded up our favorite 10 naked moments of the year in this very special and very explicit midyear list. This list has it all...massive cocks, perfect ass, and 70's glam.

Tom Holland made his long-awaited nude debut after teasing the world with his tight, twunk body in the Spider-Man movies.

Paul Forman is a stunningly gorgeous model and actor (Hot tip: Check out his Instagram!) so we were thrilled when he bared his butt while peeing in front of his bathroommates. He even shows them the heli-cock-ter!
The best butt of the year, by far, goes to Michael Provost in Fear Street 2. In fact he might have one of the best jock butts ever seen on television. Michael gives his fat butt a scratch, which lifts one of his ass cheeks and almost exposes his butthole!
Jesse LaVercombe is so rock hard in this scene that we can actually see his penis throb. That’s right. His real erection pulses up and down with excitement.
Ewan McGregor gets the Ryan Murphy treatment here, taking on the role of the iconic gay designer Halston. Ewan is no stranger to playing gay, and takes a pounding from behind in bed like a champ. 
Giving Jesse LaVercombe a run for his money, Peter Vack actually strokes his erect member while in bed with his dream camgirl. See that spit! That’s hot.
This inspiring Netflix series is based on Ryan O'Connell’s life as a gay man thriving with mild cerebral palsy. He thrusts into fellow openly gay actor Max Jenkins from behind. Look at that cum face!
And how about the handsome Justice Smith…after teasing his body for a full season, this sexy otter finally shows his
hot big penis by letting it pop out of his undies as he changes in front of a boy.
This A-lister’s series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was streaming on the family-friendly Disney+ at the same time that he showed his flopping penis and low hanging balls during a nude bender in Monday. 
The penis that needs no introduction! Adam Demos went viral when he debuted his suspiciously large penis three episodes into the buzzy Netflix series Sex/Life. 

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