Sep 10, 2021

Elephant-hung Celebrities

These are five of our favorite elephant-hung celebrities who have blessed us with some fantastic looks at the thigh-slappers dangling between their legs.

First up, it’s Jesse LaVercombe in Violation. You wouldn’t know by this super cute actor’s innocent looks that he’s packing one hell of a cock. It’s always the innocent guys! What’s truly crazy is that Jesse shows his fully erect penis during a jaw-dropping frontal scene.

Next it’s famed hung hottie Michael Fassbender. Who could forget when Michael let his door knocker loose in the sex-filled drama Shame? In that legendary scene, Michael walks towards the camera with his very large penis flopping side to side.

Netflix’s first ever Spanish-language series, Club de Cuervos made us wet. Especially whenstud Joaquín Ferreira showed us his elephant trunk and massive balls four episodes into the first season while changing in the locker room.

And then there’s Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in Watchmen. We were gaga for Yahya’s double wide dingaling as he took on the role as the notoriously nude Dr. Manhattan. See his blue-hued hog in episode nine as the camera pans over his enviable body. 

It should surprise no one that the biggest elephant penis can be found on Netflix’s Sex/Life. In the viral nude scene, Adam Demos dismays his romantic rival, Mike Vogel, in the men’s locker room by debuting a literal elephant penis. An elephant never forgets… and we can never forget these five elephant cocks!

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