Oct 28, 2021


Boo! Nothing to be scared of here as we’re simply gearing up for Halloween by checking out the sexiest studs who have shown off their treats in horror movies. And let’s just say these boys aren’t working with any Fun-Size bars. Halloween 2021 is all about treating yourself, and we’re in the mood for some full-sized treats!

The director of Antichrist, Lars von Trier, famously said that he could not feature Willem Dafoe’s real penis in the film's nude scenes because it was so big that it was distracting. However his body double has an outrageously
thick uncut penis that you have to see to believe!

Plus in the opening shot of Antichrist, Dafoe's porn body double actually has sex in the shower. Sure, it’s straight sex, but it wouldn’t be Halloween without something spooky!

Mark Duplass loves showing off his body on camera, and this daddy lets it all hang out in the found footage horror movie Creep 2. 

Midsommar is one of the best horror movie in recent years, and star Jack Reynor dared to show his big penis and balls after participating in a cult sex ritual. Literally same tho?

The insanely sexy Eric Balfour famously showed his actual erect penis and had actual sex in Lie With Me. And this proclivity for nudity is on full display in the DVD extras for Texas Chainsaw Massacre, where Eric strips nude in front of a bunch of people. He’s putting the ass in Massacre! 

Christian Bale is a whole damn meal, and his soapy shower in American Psycho is one for the record books. 

You know how we were talking about full-sized bars? If you want a Costco-sized treat, look no further than Jesse LaVercombe in Violation. A woman gets revenge on him by tying him up naked (and SPOILER: Later killing him). Before that goes down, Jesse’s character thinks he’s in for some nice-nice, and he gets so excited that we can actually see his erect penis throbbing up and down. Nothing scary here folks!

And in the iconic and legendary horror classic Piranha 3DD, the very cute Jean-Luc Bilodeau has sex with a woman before realizing that she has a piranha in her vagina that latches onto his penis. Dating isn’t easy for anyone! The silver lining is that we get to see his (body double’s) tan, smooth butt cheeks!

Oct 17, 2021

Naked, French and Gay

Grande école is an under the radar 2004 French movie that we think deserves a little attention on this here day! The movie is about a college student named Paul (Grégori Baquet) who realizes that he has feelings for his male roomie. Oh, Paul is straight BTW, and his girlfriend, Agnes, comes up with a plan that only seems fair to us: Both Agnes and Paul will seduce his roommate, and if she can get in his pants first, then Paul has to table these new homosexual desires for good. She’s an ally! But believe it or not, this is not the real jizz-st of Grande école. 

While this f-ed up bet is going down, Paul comes across the super hot Mecir (Salim Kechiouche) and the two strike up a hot and heavy gay relationship filled with dicks and balls and anal and everything in between. Whataya think about that Agnes? 

This dick flick features some amazing gay sex that’s genuinely artfully done, and we thought it was worth checking out in dazzling GIF form. You can find some of our favorite highlights on this page. And if you want the full totally fap-worthy scenes, you can check them out right HERE