Nov 29, 2021

Top 100 Celebrity Penis Scenes in Film and Television!

Is there anything better when watching a film than catching sight of a real celebrity penis? That’s why we created this exclusive promotion just for our premium users, counting down the Top 100 Celebrity Penis Scenes in Film and Television! This list has it all: A-list penises, nudecomer dicks, before they were famous dongs, and even some Oscar winning cocks! From the 1970s all the way up to the 2020s, this is one seriously stacked list with the most seriously exposed penises ever captured on camera!

Here are five of our fav frontals

1- Tom Mercier’s truly massive Israeli penis in We Are Who We Are

2-Paul Dawson came in his own mouth in Shortbus

3- Hung Niels Schneider in Curiosa

4-Jonathan Groff’s rare full frontal scene in Twelve Thirty

5-Colin Farrell’s famously hung cock in Triage


Nov 26, 2021

The naked hunks of ‘Tchaikovsky’s Wife’

Russian movie Антонина (Antonina) / Tchaikovsky’s Wife (Жена Чайковского) is Kirill Serebrennikov‘s new film. The famous Russian rapper Oksimiron takes part in the film. Alexander Gorchilin, Philip Avdeev, Vladimir Mishukov and others starred in the film. The role of Tchaikovsky was played by Odin Byron.

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Nov 21, 2021

Vladimir Mishukov

Vladimir Mishukov frontal and wanking in Russian movie "Антонина (Antonina) / Tchaikovsky’s Wife (Жена Чайковского)"

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Nov 6, 2021

Travis Van Winkle Naked

Super yummy Travis Van Winkle turns 39 this Thursday and he’s morphed into one handsome Daddy. Travis left college to pursue his dream of an acting career and we are very grateful. You might recognize him from the twisted Netflix series You, where he plays muscular, keto-obsessed, hunky neighbor who talks about optimizing his body pretty much non-stop.

Our favorite scene in You is when Travis comes out as a bisexual swinger. He and his wife want to bang Penn Badgley and his wife. They organize a very sexy night in which Travis brings a suitcase filled with toys and drugs to aid them in their night together. That scene ends with Travis standing in front of the mirror to masturbate to himself.

Travis previously stuck to shirtless things like Bloodwork and Instinct where taking off his shirt appeared to be his instinct whenever he is on camera. He'll get your blood working when you see his pecs and six-pack abs.

Also we can’t forget his role in the comedy Mantervention, the chiseled chested Travis is shirtless while wearing bulge inducing shorts, underwear and bathing trunks for several scenes. He also kisses a man in the film.  

Travis looks effortlessly good and he might even look better now than he did nearly 10 years ago! We have a feeling that Travis Van Winkle will keep the hits coming.

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