Jan 28, 2022

Best Dicks of 2021

It’s the last day of the year and we are fully committed and focused on cock…I’m sure you’re shocked. It really was an amazing year for frontal nudity, and if you don’t believe me, you haven’t seen Jesse LaVercombe in Violation. He puts in the hard work here - and we do mean hard! In fact, you can see his huge, thick penis actually pulsing with excitement.

The BET+ stripper series All the Queen’s Men gave P-Valley a run for its money in 2021! Jeremy Williams was the breakout star when he broke out that king-sized cock in the dressing room. How do I get a backstage pass?
Maradona: Blessed Dream really delivered in 2021, with some amazing looks at Nazareno Casero. Nazareno wins the award for floppiest cock when he plays a game of cat and mouse completely nude! More like Maradona: Blessed Wet Dream!
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers delivered the year’s most unexpected A-list nudity. In Yakuza Princess this Irish prince showed off his impressive swinging package for the first time since 2001’s Tangled. 20 years without Jonathan Rhys-Meyers’ cock is 20 years too long!

Finally, Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Sebastian Stan gave us something to Marvel at in the movie Monday! This manic romance culminates in Stan getting arrested by the police while fully nude. You have the right to remain hung!

Jan 26, 2022

Laurent Lafitte Naked

Laurent Lafitte frontal and rear in "Dear Mother"(L'origine du monde)

Viva la France and their penchant for free-flowing nudity including French full frontal in the 2020 movie Dear Mother.

Jean-Louis is a totally healthy guy, one day he wakes up and finds that he no longer has a pulse. His heart has simple stopped beating. He is not dead and he can still do everything he would normally do, but he does it all without a beating heart. He follows his impulses, fearing that he is on borrowed time, he visits his mom and tries to reconnect with her and encourage her to loosen up a bit.

In one scene with his mom, Laurent Lafitte and Vincent Macaigne are sitting on the couch totally naked. They try to encourage her to join them, but she seems horrified. What gives, lady? You are surrounded by fresh meat. The cocks are in her face at one point! She's so lucky!

This movie is a bit quirky but we’re obsessed with his weird attempts to feel alive again - hey, is this all a metaphor? It probably is, but we can't work straight right now because all we can think about is these naked French men. Watch them both naked in this funny, sexy scene that will leave you wanting more:

  NAKED celebrities show it ALL HERE!!!

Jan 21, 2022

Celebs Jerking Off!

Nudity is so yesterday. These days it’s all about going nude and jerking off for your big role. In fact some of the biggest names right now in Hollywood have jerked off on set, and we’re cumpiling all of the hot, sticky, thick, white, salty fun in one place.

Harry Lawtey’s Cum Eating in Industry
In addition to exposing his uncut penis during a
full frontal scene in Industry, Harry also jacked off twice. We see his sweet peach as he creams a toilet. And in another scene he cums on a mirror in front of a friend, and proceeds to wipe the cum off the mirror and eat it.

Tom Mercier Gets Erect in Synonyms
Say hi to our real-life husband, Tom Mercier. Not only does he slip us one of the biggest penises in Hollywood during this insanely lengthy nude scene – we love the way he grabs onto
his thick cock while masturbating, Actually. The whole thing is just so fucking hot.

Parker Marx in SWEAT
After some intense fucking, Parker unleashes his fuck juice all over Jesse Charif's chest while fingering his own hole.
Fingering your hole while cumming on a hot boy. That's why we do what we do.

Daniel Radcliffe Masturbates In Kill Your Darlings
Harry Potter bottoms during an infamous gay sex scene here. It's super passionate and we love his super hairy hole.
But we’re kinda digging his little-known masturbation scene as well. We love how his hand works its way up and down his shaft. Yum.

Josh Hutcherson’s Cum Shot in Future Man
What is it about YA boys jerking off? Josh Hutcherson splooges a dude with his massive white load when he’s caught during his personal time.

Timothée Chalamet Fucks A Peach In Call Me By Your Name
You know it. You love it. It’s the time Dune star Timothée Chalamet came inside of a peach. You can even see his thick cum pouring out of the peach. We want that cum and we’re not afraid to say it.

Robert Pattinson Jerking Off In The Lighthouse
Pattinson actually masturbated in a movie called Little Ashes, saying that “faking it just doesn’t work”. You should def check out his
real jack off vid. But today is all about grown up daddy Pattinson's insanely intense jerk off scene in The Lighthouse!