Feb 13, 2022

Naked Black Hotness

We’re celebrating Black History Month with true Black excellence! These are the hottest Black actors that have ever been NAKED on screen. Some of the hottest actors of color in Hollywood dared to bare, and below you can find some of the most iconic nude scenes in history as well as unsung frontal scenes that the world simply needs to know about

Rapper50 Cent claimed that he didn’t know his roll of quarters would be aired on Power, but considering that he’s an executive producer on the show (and that, you know, his dick is out) we think 50 Cent knew just what he was doing.
Omar Epps has one of the biggest penises in Hollywood, and you can see his thighslapper flopping from side to side in the movie Conviction.
Remember what we said about Thaddeus Rahming? He’s only been in one movie to date - the 2011 comedy Hall Pass - but we’ll remember him forever thanks to his massive curved cock. Owen Wilson, you’re a lucky bitch.
Parker Sawyers actually grabs onto his hard penis in the recent stripper series P-Valley. We know what the P stands for now! #Penis.
Jeremy Williams delivered one of the best nude scenes of 2021 when he sauntered into the changing room with his huge cock and balls out and proud. It all goes down on another stripper series, All The Queen’s Men.
What hasn’t been said about Yahya Abdul-MateenII? He’s an in-demand actor who is as gorgeous as he is talented. Sure you’ve seen him in The Matrix Resurrections and Candyman, but nothing is sweeter than his frontal scene in Watchmen.
Finally, can we just take a second to appreciate what Corey Knight brings to the table? It’s a big meaty sausage, which can be seen in We Are Who We Are. The show is famous for delivering Tom Mercier’s massive cock, but we’re straight up sleeping on Corey.

Feb 4, 2022

I'm a Porn Star

The 2013 documentary I’m A Porn Star delved balls deep into the gay porn industry! This much-forgotten piece of history delivers exclusive interviews with some of the most iconic gay porn stars of the 2010s (and beyond) like Johnny Rapid, Colby Jansen, and the big-dicked Rafael Alencar. His penis is 11.5 inches long. So ya.

The interviews in I’m A Porn Star are almost as interesting as the porn scenes themselves. For example, Johnny Rapid opens wide up about what it’s like to take Rafael’s 11.5 inch long penis. 

He says Rafael has bottomed (but not on screen) so he knows which angle to insert his penis into Rapid. As Rapid states “He knows what feels good and what hurts.” And “If he sees you tense up, he knows to stop.” Rapid also mentions that Rafael is a dentist. Do with that info what you wish!

All gay boys who had access to the Internet in the 2010s seriously need to check out this rare gem. You can peruse some highlights on this page, and if you want to see the full NSFW scenes, head HERE.

 NAKED celebrities show it ALL HERE!!!