May 24, 2022

Top 10 Masturbation Scenes!

Mr. Man just released their hottest top ten list ever - the Top Ten Real Masturbation Scenes ever filmed - in celebration of Masturbation Month! You simply have got to see these scenes to believe them. 

Robert Pattinson really masturbated on the set of Little Ashes in order to bring his peeping Tom jerk-off scene to life. Now that's dedication.

Plus Yiannis Papadopoulos eats his own cum in Boy Eating The Bird's Food, and, well, Paul Dawson takes his own cum to the back of his throat in Shortbus. These boys sure get their protein.

But that's just the tip of what Mr. Man's top ten real masturbation scenes list has to offer! We're so jazzed on jizz that we turned some of our faves into GIFs so you don't have to. Check out these GIFs here and make sure to check out the full uncensored videos!

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May 18, 2022

Michele Morrone & Simone Susinna in 365 Days

365 Days: This Day is the highly anticipated 2022 sequel to the smash hit 2020 Netflix movie 365 Days! This near infamous movie was a massive success and its shameless softcore antics were legendary.

In the original 365 Days, Italian stunner Michele Morrone plays a mafioso who abducts a Polish hotel worker on his yacht and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. The movie was controversial for its dubious premise and an explicit sex scene lasting over four whole minutes.

We are happy to report that the insane softcore action continues in the follow-up movie to 365 Days365 Days: This Day. Morrone's girl, newly married, starts to wonder if the mafia life is for her. She can't help but notice the advances of the very good-looking Simone Susinna
This Italian God could just be her escape from the world of organized crime, and he sure looks like he'd be fun in the sac as well! Morrone's got some stiff competition in Simone Susinna. Speaking of stiff, you'll be rigid AF after catching all of the super steamy action in This Day!

In order to celebrate the biggest 2022 release for thirsty people, you'll find plenty here and there’s even MORE action here.

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May 6, 2022

Viking Hotness

Val-holla! The original Vikings series was full of hot Viking hunks, and it threw in some bootylicious nudity to boot. This is where you can see 6’ 2” tall blonde Canadian stunner Alexander Ludwig in all of his masculine glory! His huge fat ass is just… damn. Very Norse. The new Vikings spinoff series Vikings: Valhalla doesn’t skip a beat, picking up where its predecessor left off by bringing a whole lot of ass from the new 6’ 2” statuesque beauty in town - Leo Suter! Check out all of our super hot Vikings and Vikings: Valhalla action below and ALL the Viking nudity come right here!

Alexander Ludwig stands up nekked with his juicy ass on full display.

He also gets naked before slipping inside a tiny hole. 
Plus Marco Ilsø sashays through the snow fully nude!
In the new spinoff series Leo Suter stands with his David-esque ass and thighs out and proud.

Plus he gets all sweaty while giving a girl his Norse D.

Throw in a gratuitous look at Sam Corlett’s tight little bod, and you’ve got yourself a series.