Jul 31, 2022

Taron Egerton Naked

The thirty-two-year-old UK heartthrob Taron Egerton stars in the new Apple TV+ series Black Bird, where he claps his ass cheeks while banging a chick from behind. But this isn’t even his best nudity yet, and today we’re checking out all of Taron Egerton’s sexiest scenes to date - his gay sex scene with Richard Madden in Rocketman, his twunk pits in one of those Kingsman movies, and even his penis tip in a little-known 2014 US series, The Smoke!

But let’s start with Black Bird. This one's based on the true story of a criminal (Egerton) tasked by the FBI to elicit a confession from a serial killer serving time. This means that Egerton's character gives up his residency at a posh white-collar jail for a dangerous, high-security prison where the serial killer is housed. Intriguing!
In the very first episode, Taron Egerton really thrusts himself into this role! Taron is so into his nude sex scene in Black Bird, that his

fat ass cheeks even clap as he aggressively pumps up his date with his dick. You don't need the wildest imagination in the world to pretend that it's you bent over that sofa.

Jul 17, 2022


As the world continues to embrace the male form in ALLL its glory in movies and television, we continue to get increasingly NSFWerk nude male content to share with you guys! We searched long and wide to find the best shots of the male anatomy from 2022... so far!

In the teens gone wild series Euphoria, blonde model Ansel Wold Pierce debuted his uncut penis on the toilet, and HenryEikenberry flashed his gay lover his hairy cock in the boy's locker room.

The porn industry movie Pleasure is where you can find Bill Bailey and Nathan Bronson's big dicks and you can see John Strong's hard as hell cock.

Brett Geddes stunned in the season three opener of The Boys. He grows up before our eyes, and later shrinks down nude to, yup, crawl inside of another man's penis. We could call him Urethra Franklin! But we won't?

The retro porn series Minx delivered, well, this... 

No explanation needed.

And the openly gay Bridgerton star Jonathan Bailey's ass stole the show.