Feb 27, 2024

Pedro Pascal And Ethan Hawke Have Sex In ‘Strange Way Of Life”

Superstar Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar is back with some of his sexiest queer content in years. His 2023 short movie Strange Way Of Life proves that 30 minutes is more than enough time to pack in tons of sex appeal from stars Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke - the former of which shows his nearly fifty-year-old ass (smooth, fat, and perfect BTW) after gay sex. Yas. Strange Way Of Life was produced in collaboration with fashion house Saint Laurent, which explains the gorgeous costuming. But what happens when the clothes come off?

Strange Way Of Life follows Silva (Pascal) as he makes his way across the desert to visit a friend from decades ago, Jake (Hawke). What transpired years ago between the two strapping young men was a love affair that didn't square with society, so both men repressed their desires and went their separate ways. 

We get a brief window into the passion of their youth with a flashback of Jake and Silva (portrayed in their youth by gorgeous actors Jason Fernández and José Condessa, respectively) passionately making out and fondling each other while bathed in red wine. 

Present-day, fiery finger-pointing about the past eases into a daddy-on-daddy hookup, after which we get an awesome look at Pascal's backside as he chills face down and butt in bed. At nearly fifty years old Pascal delivers his best nudity to date with this scene, and it was worth the wait. What a booty! 

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