Oct 17, 2021

Naked, French and Gay

Grande école is an under the radar 2004 French movie that we think deserves a little attention on this here day! The movie is about a college student named Paul (Grégori Baquet) who realizes that he has feelings for his male roomie. Oh, Paul is straight BTW, and his girlfriend, Agnes, comes up with a plan that only seems fair to us: Both Agnes and Paul will seduce his roommate, and if she can get in his pants first, then Paul has to table these new homosexual desires for good. She’s an ally! But believe it or not, this is not the real jizz-st of Grande école. 

While this f-ed up bet is going down, Paul comes across the super hot Mecir (Salim Kechiouche) and the two strike up a hot and heavy gay relationship filled with dicks and balls and anal and everything in between. Whataya think about that Agnes? 

This dick flick features some amazing gay sex that’s genuinely artfully done, and we thought it was worth checking out in dazzling GIF form. You can find some of our favorite highlights on this page. And if you want the full totally fap-worthy scenes, you can check them out right HERE

Oct 1, 2021


Season three of the hit Netflix series Sex Education is here, and these boys are giving us an education on the male anatomy! We’re talking more high school gay sex and masturbation scenes than, frankly, you might be able to handle. You guys have been loving the nudity and gay sex on Sex Education so much that we decided to roundup the hottest scenes from the new third season, as well as from seasons one and two. When it comes to Sex Education: A is for anal, B is for butt, and C is for cock!

On the season three premiere, Connor Swindells recreates his damn near
iconic cock scene from the first ever episode of Sex Education. In both shots, He lets his big, thick, juicy, uncut, (and sadly prosthetic) penis swing freely between his legs. That penis might be fake, but that ass is all real…

Season three opens with a truly insane sex montage featuring plenty of gay sex, grabbing, squeezing, and orgasms. That’s high school for ya?

Head back to the first season of Sex Education if you want to see Kedar Williams-Stirling’s body in the locker room… as well as a whole bunch of other athletic and barely clothed high school hotties!

In the second season, series star Asa Butterfield surprises his on-screen mum (played by the legendary Gillian Anderson) with his young, plump, and super smooth ass. Damn, is that a great butt or what?

Speaking of Asa Butterfield, in the season two premiere he films a masturbation montage after waking up with a raging boner in bed that you have to seed to believe. I mean see! It’s just so plain hot seeing this young buck excited and erect. We need more M&Ms (masturbation montages) in Hollywood!