Jul 18, 2021


These actors have BALLS - and, no, we are not just talking about how brave and bold these guys are. We mean that these actors in this top ten list right here and right now have humungous balls. I'm talkin' big fat meaty sacks!

These actors have boldly shown off their balls and we are all better for it. Check out this top ten list featuring all kinds of hot dudes that have let their enormous balls get some air and some camera time. If you like this list we have PLENTY more nutsacks right here! You’re welcome ;)

10 - Antonio Banderas in False Eyelash

9 - Morgan Spector in Split

8 - John Clark in Any Given Sunday

7 - Ewen Bremner in Trainspotting

6 - Marc Rodriguez in Diet of Sex

5 - Juan Manuel Martino in We are Thr3e

 4 - Max Parodi in Private

3 - Zach McGowan in Shameless

2 - Gianfranco Longhi in Equation to an Unknown

1 - Artem Shcherbakov in Sun in My Mouth

 NAKED celebrities show it ALL HERE!!!

Jul 12, 2021

Tom Mercier Nude

 Tom Mercier frontal and rear in "Synonymes"

There's something about a hot man with a big manly au naturel bush that our readers just can't get enough of, and we certainly see why. But let's stop beating around their bushes. For major pubes and a major cock you need to see Tom Mercier in Synonyms. This Israeli hottie is famous for his large penis, but ya'll sleeping on the pubes!
If you like famous men with a big natural bush, then you need to check out this playlist:

Jul 4, 2021

Celebrity Daddies Who Got Naked

This Father’s Day we’re paying tribune to the special daddies in our lives by rounding up the hottest celebrity daddies! A daddy is ripped, hairy, and handsome. Most importantly, you just want to wrap your legs around him and scream "Daddy!" Make sense? If you’re jonesing for some quality time with hot pops, check out the best penis and ass scenes from the likes of Jason Momoa, Mark Ruffalo, George Clooney, and Christopher Meloni below!

And for the full list of the Ten Hottest Celebrity Daddies,
head HERE.
Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson can be equally funny and sexy in his numerous high-profile roles. Thankfully on the series Ballers, Dwayne leaned into the sexy when he bared his massive perfect ass while banging a woman on a desk!

George Clooney  
The dad of all celebrity dads has been frustratingly clothed in most of his iconic roles, but you can see his sweet daddy ass in Solaris. Don’t dads know that sharing is caring?
Mark Ruffalo
Mark really Ruffalo-ed our feathers when he showed his penis and big manly bush in In The Cut and I Know This Much Is True. Plus he shared some
hot gay moments with Matt Bomer in The Normal Heart.
Idris Elba
MY James Bond could go way nuder on screen, but we’re not going to not show his butt, which you can see in his only
two nude scenes ever - 100 Streets and The Big C.
Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa is the kind of daddy who can f*ck you the f*ck up sideways. If that isn’t what you look for in a daddy, you need to go back to the minor leagues.
Joe Manganiello
Joe Manganiello is 6’ 5” tall and hot as f*ck
Christopher Meloni
Anyone who uses the phrase “looks better with age” is a damn liar… unless he’s talking about Christopher Meloni. This fine wine showed off his
low hanging balls and nice cock in Oz… where he also got helllllla gay.