Jul 9, 2020

Alexander Dreymon Naked

Alexander Dreymon naked in "The Last Kingdom"
Today’s man crush is the incredibly sexy Alexander Dreymon. With his fiercely cut jaw, chiseled abs, plump ass, and light eyes we were insanely drawn to him.

Alexander had a few small roles in TV movies and short films before landing a larger part in the film Resistance which led to him getting the Ryan Murphy treatment when he starred in season three of American Horror Story, bringing him to Mr. Man's attention. 

With his stunning body and insane muscles, he was a no-brainer to play Viking Uhtred of Bebbanburg in the historical drama The Last Kingdom.

Luckily, in The Last Kingdom, he barely wears a shirt, so we get very familiar with his six-pack and cumgutters

Jun 30, 2020


Oh daddy! This Father’s Day we’re checking out the hottest daddy dicks in Hollywood. These are the dicks that will have you saying “I love my daddy!” While it remains hard to describe the intangible aspects that truly make a man a daddy, these studs all possess that special je ne sais raw. If you want to see these daddies unleash their full daddy potential check out the full uncensored scenes.

Christopher Meloni in Oz
Christopher dominated the prison yard in Oz, proving to be one of the hottest daddies behind bars. 
Colin Farrell in Triage
Who doesn’t remember seeing Colin’s long
soapy schlong?
The dick that all daddies strive for. Happy Father’s Day everyone!
Tom Mercier in Synonym
Tom debuted one of the biggest penises ever seen in theaters during his insanely lengthy nude scenes. He even jacks off in the shower!

Daniel Craig in Love is the Devil
Daniel Craig. In a bathtub. With gently bobbing penis and balls. ‘Nuff. Said.

Thaddeus Rahming in Hall Pass
A moment of silence for anyone who encountered this hole-destroying
daddy dick IRL.

Antonio Banderas in False Eyelash
This is from Zorro’s pre-daddy days, but this huge Coke can cock certainty says “I’m going to be a daddy someday.”

Keller Wortham in Now & Later
For an X-rated daddy
look no further than Jane the Virgin star Keller Wortham. See his throbbing rock hard cock as he gets busy with a chick.
Robert De Niro in 1900
This hairy daddy flaunted the quintessential
daddy package complete with a hot bush.