Oct 14, 2018

Hugh Jackman Nude

DAMN DADDY! Happy Birthday Hugh Jackman

One of our favorite Daddies celebrates half a century today (October 12). That’s right, the incredibly handsome and sexy AF, Hugh Jackman is 50 years old. DAMN DADDY, that’s how you do it.

Hugh Jackman’s on screen nudity has slowly improved, as he has gotten more and more famous. It started with some sexy TV roles in his native Australia then moved to the big screen. Check out some Naked Aussie Celebs.

In the first X-Men Hugh plays the iconic Wolverine…GRRR. His body is perfection and if the size of his bulge is any indication he is packing some serious heat down below. The Superhero Nudity playlist shows it all.

At long last in X-Men Origins: Wolverine Hugh’s hind gets some serious screen time. We see some ass-cleavage as he jumps out of a tub and roars! See Hugh’s Bday Cakes in all their glory.

Jackman once told Katie Couric he likes playing Wolverine because a little bit of nudity and action helps him get all his rage out. He isn’t the only one with something raging!