Feb 24, 2019

4th Annual Manatomy Awards

Yes, the 5th Annual Manatomy Awards are finally here which means you get to see 43 amazing scenes featuring 2018’s hottest, wildest, most fap-worthy move and TV nudity.
In addition to the standard “best butt” and “biggest dick” categories (which we LOVE) there are some random and hysterical ones like “best celebrity taint” and “cleanest butthole”. Here are some of our favorite award winners…SO MUCH TO SEE!

Best SpooningRussell Tovey and Arinze Kene sharing a buns-out tender moment in the gay drama, The Pass (which we prefer to call The Ass)

Best TV Show -Netflix’s sci-fi series Altered Carbon featuring the always sexy Joel Kinnaman and some full frontal moments from his co-stars.

Best Gay Scene - God’s Own Country had tons of explicit gay sex
but the scene with Josh O’Connor and Alec Secreanu was the

Biggest Cock – Elis Gardiole revealed this year’s Biggest Cock during on unforgettable scene of Sextape. His gigantic, girthy, long Johnson had sphincters everywhere shaking.

Best Nudecomer –Dario Yazbeck Bernal baring his truly perfect ass during a kinky threeway on House of Flowers.

Cleanest Butthole – We love when dirty boys get clean and we loved watching sexy twink Joe Cole lathering up his hole in A Prayer Before Dawn
Best Thrusty Buns – We definitely pitched a tent when the super handsome Y’lan Noel thrusted and thrusted…and thrusted in the season premiere of Insecure.

Feb 14, 2019

Feb 9, 2019

Body of Work: Eric Balfour

Frontal and real "Lie With Me"

Balfour art thou cock? No one is more dedicated to frontal, backal, and everything in between nudity than the gorgeous actor Eric Balfour. See his penis in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and witness his epic real sex scenes in the controversial drama Lie With Me. Then see his perfect ass and body in action in small screen projects like Saving Grace and Haven!