Sep 23, 2023

Real Sex In Crazy New Gay Movie ‘Rotting In The Sun’

Just when we thought the gay movies released in 2023 couldn’t get any hotter, Rotting In The Sun entered the fray. Don’t let the pornographic nature of this indie black comedy (with a surprising twist) fool you - Rotting In The Sun was reviewed by mainstream critics, and the consensus is that it’s one of the most subversive queer movies released in years.

So what is Rotting In The Sun about?  Director Sebastián Silva plays an unflattering version of himself - a has-been director who wallows in self-pitying, spending his days in his apartment Googling himself and doing drugs. What’s a gay to do? Sebastián decides to visit a gay resort town in Mexico.

This trip thrusts the viewer into the thick of a wild hookup scene. Picture what goes down at your local dick dock. We see that in Rotting In The Sun, and more. While at the resort Silva meets an influencer named Jordan, played by real-life comic Jordan Firstman. Jordan urges Silva to collaborate on a project with him. From there the film turns into a crime thriller with a twist that we would be doing you a disservice to reveal. 

What we will reveal is the incredible nudity in Rotting In The Sun. Real sex, real blowjobs, dildo action, hard cock - the works. 


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