Jan 30, 2021

The Most Shocking HBO Scenes

HBO is no stranger to controversy and these shocking scenes with nude dudes does not disappoint. From very realistic-looking gay sex to a high school locker room with 21 penises, these are the most shocking nude scenes in HBO’s history. 

Colby Keller and Max Jenkins in High Maintenance. Who could have guessed that one of the most famous gay porn stars in history, Colby Keller, would show up for an ultra realistic dicking? Seeing Max Jenkins bent over the counter with a porn star’s dick in his ass is what HBO was invented for. 
In the final episode of Game of Throne’s penultimate season, Kit Harington, went nude for one of the show’s buzziest sex scenes. Kit dicks down the Mother of Dragons, who, technically speaking, is also... his aunt.
Okay, maybe Looking didn’t dominate your average water cooler convo. But for those of us in Gayworld, there is no more shocking scene than this gay A-list sweaty sex sesh. Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey sell the hell out of this passionate gay fuck fest.
Who would have thought that HBO’s Watchmen series would deliver a closeup of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s massive blue dick? It’s a scene that’s guaranteed to leave you smurfsty. 

Finally, the most shocking nude scene in HBO history goes to Jacob Elordi and a locker room filled with 21 penises in Euphoria. This scene made headlines before it was even released. 


Jan 15, 2021

Armie Hammer Naked

Armie Hammer Naked in "Call me by your name"


We all know that Call Me By Your Name heartthrob, Armie Hammer looks good enough to eat, but it turns out that he might be the one with the appetite.

Armie has been making headlines for his alleged cannibalistic and blood-drinking sexual fantasies and it got us to thinking: What are Armie Hammer's tastiest nude scenes?

Armie Hammer stands at a staggering and extremely sexy 6' 5" tall and has classic leading man good looks complete with dazzling blue eyes and a jawline that most of us would sacrifice a pet or loved one for. UGH, remember all those STEAMY moments in Call Me By Your Twink?

Anyway, we're here to celebrate the hotness that is Armie Hammer, so hit the gallery below for his naughtiest on-screen moments yet! Yummy.

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Jan 12, 2021

Top10 Most Watched Naked Scenes in 2020

Each year we like to check out the celebs that you guys are checking out, and SPOILER ALERT: You have excellent taste! These are the most viewed nude celebs scenes here at Mr. Man - the online authority in male celebrity nudity. From some of 2020’s most viral nude scenes (we’re looking at you, Matt Bomer’s shocking cock debut in The Boys in the Band) to one of the biggest penises in Hollywood history (Tom Mercier’s thigh-slapper in Synonyms, anyone?) these are the 10 celeb nude scenes that made 2020 the year of hung celebrity cock.

#10: Harry Lawtey in Industry (2020)

#9: Matt BomerJim Parsons in The Boys in the Band (2020)

#8: Jesse CharifPeter Marx in SWEAT (2018)

#7: Garrett McKechnieRyan Lonergan in Kill the Monsters (2018)

#6: Félix MaritaudNicolas FernandezNicolas Chalumeau in Sauvage / Wild (2019)

#5: Félix Maritaud in Sauvage / Wild (2019)

#4: Tom Mercier in Synonyms (2019)

#3: Félix MaritaudNicolas Dibla in Sauvage / Wild (2019)

#2: Tom Mercier in Synonyms (2019)

#1: Valentin BraunAnteo CharaMarkus ReidEnki Babylon in Under the Rain (2019)