Sep 17, 2020

SEXY German Flick with Gay Action


The 2019 series 8 Days features some of the hottest gay sex in small-screen history. The premise is that there are only 8 days left until a meteor hits Earth with a survival rate of zero for Europe. We ONLY have eight days? Well then, we’re gonna need some hot gay action ASAP.
And we have the gorgeous Germans Vinzenz Wagner and Oskar Bökelmann to thank for delivering ! These boys are so damn sexy, and have no problem showing off their big dicks and au naturel bushes for their gay sex scene in the woods.
These hot German boys show us everything. We could use another 8 Days to admire their dicks. David Schutter's cock, too, is meaty and massive and we thankfully get to see a little bit of it as he walks naked, and backward, into the water to pour water on a lucky lady. Baptize us, daddy!