Jul 2, 2021

Adam Demos Naked

 Adam Demos Naked in Netflix Series Sex/Life


The main thing that we all need to talk about is obviously Sex/Life. This Netflix original is filled with hot guys and sex. There is even a penis in the show. This allegedly real penis from Adam Demos is shocking the internet…I mean, have you seen it?

The show follows Billie a bored suburban housewife who loves her life of comfort with her ultra-successful husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) but misses the passionate days of her youth! Billie's thoughts wander one day to her wild and impulsive ex Brad (Adam Demos) and a time when her sex life was the most important thing in the world.

The show strikes a balance between the two men, though it's obvious to us which of these two dudes she needs to focus her energy on... Adam Demos!  Don't get us wrong, Mike Vogel's got a nice, cute ass which we see several times throughout the course of the first season, but it pales in comparison to the heat Adam Demos is packing! The Australian hunk claims that what we see in the shower in the show's third episode is the real deal! If that’s real, Adam has wasted far too much of his time not posing for gay porn already! That cock would be a wild ride!

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