Jan 26, 2022

Laurent Lafitte Naked

Laurent Lafitte frontal and rear in "Dear Mother"(L'origine du monde)

Viva la France and their penchant for free-flowing nudity including French full frontal in the 2020 movie Dear Mother.

Jean-Louis is a totally healthy guy, one day he wakes up and finds that he no longer has a pulse. His heart has simple stopped beating. He is not dead and he can still do everything he would normally do, but he does it all without a beating heart. He follows his impulses, fearing that he is on borrowed time, he visits his mom and tries to reconnect with her and encourage her to loosen up a bit.

In one scene with his mom, Laurent Lafitte and Vincent Macaigne are sitting on the couch totally naked. They try to encourage her to join them, but she seems horrified. What gives, lady? You are surrounded by fresh meat. The cocks are in her face at one point! She's so lucky!

This movie is a bit quirky but we’re obsessed with his weird attempts to feel alive again - hey, is this all a metaphor? It probably is, but we can't work straight right now because all we can think about is these naked French men. Watch them both naked in this funny, sexy scene that will leave you wanting more:

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